"The Casino is where your citizens can relax and you can earn money to fuel the war. Upgrade to increase morale and unlock special events." - Global Warfare


1 Poker Tournament and Spread the Wealth

3 Title Fight

Each level also gives a bonus 1% to morale that won't fade away.


&nbsp Poker Tournament - Raise funds for your war efforts by holding a Poker Tournament! Doing so will temporarily reduce Morale.

Spread the Wealth - Share your excess Gold with your citizens and get a temporary boost to Morale.

Title Fight - You know what they say about all work and no play. Give your citizens a chance to cheer by staging a title fight in your Casino.

Required Gained Cooldown
Poker Tournament 20 morale Gold* 60 minutes
Spread the Wealth Gold* 10 morale 60 minutes
Title Fight

20000 oil

20000 stone

20000 steel

speed up 5%**, +5% morale 24 hours
  • Amount is equal, the actual amount is calculated by population
  • March speed