All troops are trained in the barracks, with each unit type requiring different amount of resources to train. Unit types are unlocked with experience levels, building levels and research levels.

Note: Hellfire Tanks and Stealth Bombers requires strategic resources to train. Cargo Transports require a 3rd city built.

Unit types are as listed below:

  • Supply Truck
  • Infrantry
  • Sniper
  • Anti-Tank Infrantry
  • Mobile SAM
  • Tank
  • Predator Drone
  • Supply Helicopter
  • Gunship
  • Fighter
  • Bomber
  • Cargo Transport
  • Hellfire Tank
  • Stealth Bomber

Note to Contributers: Please input detailed information about the units in another page for the unit. If such a page does not exist, kindly create one.